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Software for Process Control


Charpy UIProcess control in a machining environment can make or break production goals. Tracking inventory, monitoring tool wear, analyzing quality control results, and improving how operators interact with machines can all contribute to a more efficient production line. A hiccup in any of these areas can result in the entire system screeching to a halt. A stopped line is not a profitable line.

Autonetics software division is an industry leader in unifying people, equipment and software into a single, cohesive unit. We understand that not everybody is a Bill Gates. Not everybody is going to see the relationship between data printed on a computer screen and wear on a mill bit. We can’t all be expected to memorize thousands of different callouts across hundreds of different parts. Luckily, Autonetics can and we can help your people do it too through simple and efficient software solutions.

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Autonetics Real Time Operating Systems

Unparalled Data Collection and Reliability for Hardware Controllers


Operating Systems may be roughly divided into two categories: desktop and realtime. A traditional desktop operating system (OS) (e.g. Windows, Linux, MacOS) is designed to interact with users, input/output devices such as printers, video displays and mice. In contrast, a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) is designed to interact with machinery where critical timing is paramount.

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Metrology & Production Applications

Software Tailored to Fit Your Needs

To compete in today's global economy, manufacturers must find new ways to cut costs while consistently delivering a high-quality product.

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