Precision Thread Profiles

The screw thread is a fundamental member of technical products from medical devices to space vehicles. With roots dating back to ancient civilization, its continuing presence in the products of this century gives strong evidence of the mechanical efficiency of well-made machine screw threads.

Some factors in the production of quality threads are: 

• Leading-flank angle

• Pitch-cylinder diameter

• Minor diameter

• Helix angle

• Threads per inch

• Trailing-flank angle

• Major diameter

• Lead angle

• Pitch

• Length of engagement 

Because a real thread is 3-D, roundness and circularity also are included.

Autonetics OD thread profiling system provides the means to assure quality in the manufacturing process of critical threaded components. Our system uses the triangulation principle for two dimensional acquisition of a height profile of various targets. By moving the object or traversing the sensor array, it is possible to obtain a precise three dimensional image. See Table 1A for specifications.



25 μm

Positioning Accuracy:

30 μm

Profiles per second:


Points per Profile:

640/1024 (option)


96,000 hours

Operating Temperature (unshielded):

0 C to   50 C

For in-process gauging the array end-effector is mounted to a six axis robotic arm with no less than 30 micron repeatability. Due to the large stand off of the sensor (90mm to 115mm) this is more than adequate to produce a high level of accuracy. Our software includes robot interface, tool compensation, broken tool recognition and custom software HMI for calibration and setup. Autonetics thread gauging solutions can identify major diameter, minor diameter, thread pitch, washout threads and taper. Our calibrated display also allows extrapolation of approximate trailing and lead angle. To enhance integration CNC macros can intercept gauging results and determine if rework or parting is required to remove sections not meeting the required tolerances thereby increasing efficiency and production.

Autonetics OD thread profiling and metrology system can help you meet the fine tolerances required in machine threads as well as many other applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us for specific solutions to your manufacturing needs.