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Latest Developments for ID Pipe Gaging

IDcloseupAutonetics research and development department has announced expansion of our OD and thread mapping product to include quality control of API couplings and other critical ID measurements.

With the use of the Kawasaki RS-10N robot an optical line gage is introduced to the coupling or any other item of sufficient diameter where the gage is either rotated along its axis or the pipe is indexed. Efforts have been taken to further develop key components of these robotic systems and software packages towards efficiency, performance, miniaturization, and cost. During the gauging process a 3-D model is created showing major and minor diameters as well as thread width and depth.IDthread

The R&D team has interfaced the Laser Line Gage with the CNC control to display the results on the panel screen.   Further development of macros will address roundness and taper recognition that will allow the robot to execute a parting program or allow the bar feeder along with a parting tool to remove sections not meeting the required tolerances. Autonetics is anticipating rapid progress moving forward from our prototype to a vetted product that has the potential to create valuable synergies for our customers.