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Latest in Pipe Thread Gauging the AGU 3.0 Series

AGU99Autonetics has provided fully automated, in-process inspection products for oil country tubular goods since 2009. Our goal to constantly improve our products and gain industry certification is what drives us as a manufacturer of gauging solutions. By working closely with our customers in the pipe mill environment, leading material handing providers and the American Petroleum Institute we have made significant advances in our flagship AGU line of thread gaugesBeginning in 2014 Autonetics launched the 3.0 Series Autonomous Gauging Unit with many improvements learned from real world production scenarios.

We have received excellent reports from end users concerning the durability and ease of operation especially our sensor array, robotic end effector the AGX. 


Upgraded hardware includes:

o Redesigned and fully enclosed seventh axis actuators considerably extend bearing life 

o Quad actuator rails and new wider frame doubles the rigidity of the 2.0 Series

o The AGX sensor and electronics payload now features a tool-less quick change device that allows changeovers to different AGX size ranges in less than 5 minutes 

o The AGX sensor arrays include a shipping case and can be easily exchanged for maintenance, refurbishment or refit to a different size range 

o Increased armor for AGX mechanical packaging

o Superior crash protection from a resilient front guard that absorbs hits and transfers impact to the reinforced main head plate

o Added sensor emitter and receiver inspection ports makes access to the lenses effortless for fast cleaning and preventative maintenance

o Speed-Con, M12 AGX cable connections with IP 67 rated hexagon locking sleeves make secure connections when hand tight

o Multi-axis; Tri-Flex carrier system gives hard-wearing protection to cable assembles for millions of cycles

AGU Buttress rs

Changes in Autonetics user interface include enriched graphics and faster refresh in the Profile Graphing Screen to provide a realistic representation of the pipe thread form and allow a seamless zoom function down to the smallest detail. Users of earlier AGU series will find the same intuitive layout as the AGU 2.0 with additional features to help them walk through the AGX head change operation, more administrative controls and comprehensive system alarm information.

The Autonetics Metrology Suite (AMS 5.0) is likewise aided by supplementary geometric algorithms to increase accuracy and repeatability when the pipe is at amplified angles. New virtual ring gages and MRP gauges are now incorporated. Also overall efficiency has been enhanced lowering the total amount of CPU usage.  


Autonetics delivers the most complete, accurate and repeatable non-contact robotic thread gauging system available today for the OCTG market. For pricing and availability contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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