No Environment is Too Tough

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Manufacturing processes are often required to operate in extreme environments, yet despite these conditions, quality standards and production efficiency must remain at 100%. These environments vary and may well be corrosive, abrasive, subject to extreme temperatures, vibration or contamination, or a combination of all these factors. Autonetics comprehensive range of precision industrial products offers a solution meant for factory floor metrology.

Measurement technologies and systems that facilitate accuracy, repeatability and reliability are vital to meet the growing challenges in these sectors. Today, customers are ever more demanding and businesses must ensure that they are ahead of the curve in providing top quality products with one hundred percent traceability. 

Improved measurement systems for harsh environments contribute to the design, development and implementation of better manufacturing methods, evaluation of materials and allow real time control of machine tool offsets and tool management.

Autonetics understands the key challenges facing a variety of industries and delivers solutions for industrial gauges that work reliably on the factory floor, allowing in-situ inspection of materials, components and processes, despite harsh factory environments.

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  1. Measure work pieces immediately downstream of the machining operation to eliminate waste and avoid costly rework
  2. Sealed actuators designed for low frequency maintenance schedules and covered under Autonetics Master Service Agreement
  3. Up-armored enclosures house industrial grade sensors to mitigate damage from heavy impact
  4. Air purge for optical sensors with onboard sub-micron filtering and membrane dryer cuts lens upkeep and extends sensor life
  5. Integral vibration dampening on mobile units allows measurement accurate to .0002” anywhere even on elevated platforms

Autonetics comprehensive range of precision industrial products offers a solution meant for factory floor metrology. On the line or in the lab our turnkey applications are designed to meet your exact needs, built, programmed and supported in-house for complete client satisfaction.

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