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Laser sensors in part inspection

Laser sensors for dimensional metrology continue to become smaller, faster, and smarter. Quality control engineers are eager to use laser metrology for nondestructive inspections to improve manufacturing process control. laser sensor part inspection SMLHowever, deciding which laser measuring devices are best suited for their in-process part inspections is intimidating. 

Quality control engineers often select off-the-shelf part inspection gauging units from companies with a showroom, sales quotas and persuasive sales personnel. Typically, those who take this “safest” route soon discover they wasted money on expensive unneeded features and still did not receive a precise part inspection solution. Off-the-shelf solutions often end up requiring much more training and customization than budgeted. 

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Automated Thread Gauging

OCTG Thread Gauging HeadAutomated thread gauging units (AGUs) are hot. During the third quarter of 2016, Autonetics shipped ten (10) AGUs to pipe mills across the USA.


The downturn in the oil & gas industry is causing more OCTG pipe mills to evaluate better ways to operate and pipe thread measurement is an area that needs to improve. Current thread gauging is manual, unreliable, and costly. Since plants are slow, now is the time to improve operations without impeding production.


Why are the automated thread measurement gauges for Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) pipe so popular?


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In-Process Inspection in lathe

In Process Inspection - Fanuc robot reaches inside Okuma lathe

In-process inspections enable manufacturers to reduce waste and produce higher quality parts over time. So why aren’t all manufacturers implementing in-process inspections?

Several reasons for sure. One primary reason is complexity. Implementing an in-process inspection meeting all project requirements is very challenging.

When off-the-shelf measurement gauges fall short, in-process gauging solutions are often beyond the expertise of application engineers and CNC distributors whether the problem is cycle time, multiple part profiles, multiple CNC machines used in production, or any number of other complications.

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Metrology Tool Box, AMS 5.0

ThreadAutonetics Metrology Suite is designed to give the user a graphic representation of results and tolerance trends at a glance, via a NEMA 4x analog resistive touchscreen monitor, designed for tough environments. Even if you never open the manual our easy-to-use interface makes accessing detailed measurements and 3-D models streamlined and simple.  A navigation and status bar, located at the bottom of each screen, allows the user to quickly review, save or enter data.

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Heavy Duty Gauging

Master rsAutonetics H series of SGU gauges are most commonly used to measure turned parts weighing less than one hundred pounds. Autonetics custom solutions offers high strength modular and welded steel frames to easily handle heavy work pieces and provide highly accurate, repeatable measurements of large, complex manufactured parts. Autonetics gauging application for railway axles is a good case in point. Railroad non-drive axles for passenger and freight applications can weigh well over one thousand pounds and the precise fit of wheels, axles and bearings are among the most fundamental elements of the truck assembly.

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