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Autonetics Research & Development Services

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People often associate the research and development function of a company with product improvement and the in-house invention of new products. While this is often the case, many seek other resources to expand on future development. Because industrial and customer requirements are continually changing the task of  in-house assets, R&D is increasingly outsourced to the company’s efforts.

Autonetics provides the expertise to meet your objectives by assisting in creating better products, to improve operational processes and to provide specialist consultation. Our areas of proficiency include design, fabrication and practical application of optical and electronic sensors, machine learning, metrology data analysis, cognitive architectures, mathematical modeling as well as robotic and machine vision. Our tools, methods and capabilities have considerable generality, so if you have a difficult problem we can conduct innovative and exploratory research that supports your mission.

R&D areas may encompass redevelopment of existing systems or development of entirely new applications and technology.

Autonetics mission is to ensure our clients are successful by delivering novel and powerful solutions in the most efficient way to reach their objectives.