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Automation: Small Business Take Notice

pipeConveyorMost picture factory automation as the realm of corporations and high tech Silicon Valley companies. However with today’s technologies real benefits are available at cost effective price points that do not require years to return an investment.

Autonetics provides very user-friendly, turn key systems that install on the factory floor and are ready to work in less than one hour after setup.

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Autonetics Research & Development Services

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People often associate the research and development function of a company with product improvement and the in-house invention of new products. While this is often the case, many seek other resources to expand on future development. Because industrial and customer requirements are continually changing the task of  in-house assets, R&D is increasingly outsourced to the company’s efforts.

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Tombstones and Towers

Holding It All Together

tombstoneCAD2Autonetics modular fixturing design and control is a significant enhancement to our gaging and automation services. Securing a work piece relative to their datum planes, for machining, assembly, welding, and inspection is an important factor of modern production.  Work holding devices range from simple vises to microprocessor controlled fixturing systems. A correct fixture will assist in achieving desired part tolerances time after time.

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Feature Identification

Intelligent Automation Solutions

Autonetics offers intelligent automation solutions specifically designed to optimize and automate manufacturing processes. Although equipment will vary based on the type of application needed, the desired result is often accomplished using scanners, lasers, vision cameras and electromagnetic sensors to automate your inspection procedures. Using feature identification can dramatically improve production by detecting flaws quickly, tracking parts for organization and precise part location.

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Automated Tending and Handling

Autonetics is an experienced, full turn-key supplier for custom machine tending solutions. Whether the application is machining, grinding, heat treating, spinning, molding, or tending another process machines, Autonetics has the capability to design build and integrate our solution to your specific needs. In addition to the machine tending process, Autonetics has experience in inspection, handling and other value added operations.

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