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Autonetics provides a wide range of automation equipment and total system integration with solutions for automating the manufacturing processes. Our technical staff are on hand to assist in modifying your existing part fabrication and assembly equipment or optimizing automated manufacturing cells and material handling systems. Autonetics offers expertise in factory automation, inspection and systems integration solutions as well as systems and controls design.


  • Metrology Solutions

    We're committed to solving real world manufacturing problems. So we configure our applications to capture the critical measurements needed for your unique production line. Our experienced project specialists will work with your IT, engineering, maintenance, and production management groups to create a tailored metrology system to meet your exact needs.

    Using industrialized hardware, innovative algorithms and targeted software solutions, Autonetics design team adapts our patented technology in a way that provides the most meaningful data to support your fabrication process using our high-speed, non-contact, non-destructive technology.

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  • Factory Automation

    Autonetics supplies robust and reliable automation equipment to a variety of industries for many different applications.  Our skill set and capabilities can be utilized in almost any industry to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

    - Machine Tending
    - Robotic Deburring
    - Machine Vision
    - Robotic Adhesive Dispensing
    - Bar Coding and RFID
    - Material Handling
    - Palletizing
    - Laser Marking
    - Automated Welding

    The factory automation experts at Autonetics deliver responsive and knowledgeable service that few automation or integration companies can. With our extensive experience with robotics, machine vision, and high precision technologies, you can trust Autonetics to solve your most difficult custom automation challenges.

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  • Software Integration

    With 20 years of automation software development experience and an extensive network of industry resources, Autonetics can handle the toughest networking and integration challenges. 

    On typical projects, Autonetics will provide blank sheet design of control architecture, conceptual software design, software implementation, debug of the equipment at our facility, and installation at our customer’s site. Systems may be PLC controlled, PC controlled, or a combination of both.  Typical systems include a machine control layer, an HMI layer, a database layer, and interfaces with CNC and factory-level systems.  Our programmers are fluent in the technologies required for all of these levels.

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  • Support

    Autonetics provides various tiers of support and service contracts.

    Note if you need immediate technical support with an Autonetics product or service please use our Contacts Page to reach us immediately.

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