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Okuma Winter Showcase 2017

CNC Machining Centers
Charlotte, NC - December 5-6, 2017

Autonetics attended the Okuma open house event at the Partners in Thinc facility and Morris South headquarters in Charlotte, NC. In addition to demos of complete machining solutions at the Partners in Thinc facility, tours of Okuma's corporate headquarters were conducted as well. During the showcase Okuma debuted their new 5-axis GENOS M460V-5AX vertical machining center and featured the Okuma Laser EX series machines.

Okuma genos m460v 5ax

CNC Machines on display at Partners in Thinc:
GENOS M460V-5AX 5-axis Vertical Machining Center
MULTUS U3000 w/Barfeeder  Multitasking Machine
MULTUS B300 II w/Robot Automation  Multitasking Machine
LB3000 EX II-MYM w/Barfeeder  Lathe
GENOS M560-V High Column w/ 4th&5th Table  Vertical Machining Center
GP26W  Grinder
MB-46V  Vertical Machining Center
MU-4000V  Vertical Machining Center
MA-500HII w/5th Axis Table Horizontal Machining Center
LASER EX MU-8000V Super Multitasking Machine


CNC Machines on display at Okuma headquarters
MULTUS U4000 Multitasking Machine
MA-600HII Horizontal Machining Center
LB3000 EX-II Lathe
LU3000 EX Lathe
LT2000 EX Horizontal Lathe
MU-5000V Vertical Machining Center
MU-400 VII w/ErOWA 24 APC Vertical Machining Center
MB-4000H Horizontal Machining Center
V920EX Vertical Lathe
LU35 II  Lathe
MCR-A5C Double Column