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Thread gauging demos in Houston

Automated Thread Gauging Demos
Houston, Texas - April  18-20, 2017

Autonetics held two (2) demonstrations of an automated pipe thread gauging systemABB Houston in Houston, Texas.

ABB Robotics Houston 
7210 Empire Central Dr
Houston, TX 77040

Autonetics automated pipe thread gauging units (AGUs) operate within tight cycle times without impeding production. Instead of measuring one (1) of every ten (10) pipe, the AGUs allow OCTG pipe mills to measure every pipe during production. By measuring every pipe, each AGU performs the work equivalent of 10+ quality inspectors. Upon pipe thread measurement, the system records 100% of all data real-time for integration into the machining process.

Houston, Texas - March 22-23, 2017

Okuma Tech Center Houston HartwigNew

Okuma Tech Center
Hartwig Houston
4727 S. Pinemont
Houston, Texas 77041