Autonetics at Okuma Tech Show

December 6-7, 2016
Charlotte, NC - 
Okuma Aerospace Center of Excellence 

okuma aerospace centerAn Autonetics robotic cell (AGU) will be featured at Okuma's Technology Showcase in Charlotte in December 2016. 

The robotic cell automates pipe thread gauging and operates within tight cycle times without impeding production.  Instead of measuring one (1) of every ten (10) pipe, the AGU allows OCTG pipe mills to measure every pipe during production. By measuring every pipe, each AGU performs the work equivalent of 10+ quality inspectors. Upon pipe thread measurement, the system records 100% of all data real-time for integration into the machining process.

Thinc Okuma

Okuma Aerospace Center of Excellence 
11900 Westhall Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28278

Partners in THINC & Okuma America Headquarters
12428 Sam Neely Road
Charlotte, NC 28278

DMG MORI Open House

October 26, 2016
Charlotte, NC

DMG MORI held open house events in eight (8) locations across the country in October. Autonetics attended the DMG MORI Open House in Charlotte October 26, 2016.

DMG MORI Open House Charlotte 2016


A manufacturer of CNC-controlled Lathes and Milling machines, DMG MORI is a global leader in metal cutting, with advanced technologies in 5-axis milling or turn & mill machines for 6-sided complete machining.


DMG MORI USA is headquartered in Chicago and has 28 Technology Centers nationwide.

Danobat Open House

June 28, 2016
Humble, TX

Autonetics was featured at a Danobat Open House hosted by Marathon Machine Tools in Humble, Texas.
danobat threader

Marathon Machine Tools represents Danobat OCTG turning and grinding divisions. The Danobat TTB premium pipe threading lathe mockup was on display.

Autonetics showed attendees videos of automated thread inspection equipment for OCTG pipe mills with threading lines.

Marathon Machine Tools also offers a CNC rebuilding program for Mori Seiki, Mazak, Miyano, Takisawa, Wasino, Warner & Swasey, and Hitachi Seiki CNC lathes.

ABB Open House

May 11, 2016
Houston, TX

Autonetics attended ABB’s open house in Houston, Texas May 11, 2016. As an ABB robotic integrator, Autonetics featured our Automated Gauging Units (AGUs).  Autonetics AGUs are robotic cells complete with robotics, controls, touch-screen monitors, metrology software, and thread measurement gauges.  

ABB Houston

Each Autonetics AGU system is designed to operate in the most uncompromising OCTG pipe mill manufacturing environments.

During the open house, Autonetics showcased the use of an ABB 4600 industrial robot with a 60kg payload and a 2.05m reach. The ABB robot positions our thread measurement gauges at each pipe end for in-process thread inspections.  Each robotic cell is capable of gauging threads on pipe sized from 2 3/8” to 16” within tight cycle times and without impeding production.

Instead of measuring one (1) of every ten (10) pipe, the Autonetics robotic cell allows pipe mills to measure every pipe during production. Upon measurement, the system records the data in real-time for 100% traceability.

Autonetics Featured at Hartwig, Inc. Open House

St. Louis, MO

Autonetics partners with many of the top machine tool distributors in the United States. These partnerships afford Autonetics the opportunity to connect with manufacturers across the country.

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Robots and Humans Working Together

humansAndRobots1A robot carefully lifts and positions a heavy component while a worker welds lightweight aluminum components to a machine right next to it. Although such scenarios are visions of the future at present, they will soon be part of the everyday work routine if industry has its way.

Humans and robots will team up, especially on assembly jobs, and collaboratively employ their particular capabilities: Steel assistants could bring their power, durability and speed to bear and humans their dexterity and motor skills.

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Little Robots Forge Automated Welding Cell

Industrial robots that do welding and metal fabrication are getting both a lot smaller and a lot larger, depending on the size of the company using them and the type of welding configurations they need. ABB helped make this clear in their recent demonstrations at this year's FABTECH 2011 show, from November 14 through November 17 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

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Autonetics New Lab

newlab6R&D Advanced

Autonetics is pleased to announce completion of our new metrology lab.  This renovation will give Autonetics a powerful and versatile tool creating the capability for transformative research and proof of concepts to meet the unique needs of our clients.


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Overview of Automated Inspection

Improving Quality and Reducing Costs

Automated Inspection & Gaging Systems can help companies to improve overall product quality and grow their business while reducing manufacturing costs, helping them to become more competitive in this difficult business climate.

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Autonetics featured in Modern Machine Shop


Autonetic's products will be featured in the December issue of Modern Machine Shop magazine.  Click here to see a preview.