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Expansion of Autonetics Metrology Suite

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The next evolution of Autonetics Metrology Suite (AMS) has arrived. AMS version 5.0 expands Autonetics gauging solutions with direct machine tool compensation technology. AMS 5.0 delivers performance and features befitting our flagship software. 5.0 keeps Autonetics gauges on the cutting edge of technological innovation by adding user-requested features developed for automated tool offset without the need for third party software. This latest offering combines our highly capable and proven metrology software with the ability to directly control tool offsets and hold tolerances of machined parts on our AGU 3.0 and SGU line of gauges.

Utilizing gauging results from our applications, AMS 5.0 can identify tool wear and automatically adjust the tool along the relevant axis to close the loop between metrology and machining, while avoiding the possibility of errors from manually adjusted tool offsets. 

The software allows quick and easy modification of limits and compensation parameters. With just a glance, intuitive colored graphics on a large HD HMI gives operators a clear indication of gauging results. Plus as part of a complete system the compensation links to histories, scan archives and gauging results in Autonetics  metrology suite.

Crank Shaft

AMS 5.0 works with common CNC controls such as Okuma, Fanuc, and DMC along with many others. Our experience with automated, lights out gauging and machining processes comes together to provide a truly turn-key system for any number of operations. To promote greater interoperability Autonetics software is MTConnect compliant to permit common communication between controls supporting improved production and more efficient operations.

To learn more about AMS 5.0 and offset automation contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.