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Autonomous Gauging Unit 2.0

Autonetics LLC is a provider of high quality thread gauging and inspection equipment. As a dynamic full service company, we provide a complete line of custom non contact profile applications and thread measuring systems for API, Premium, Machine and Custom thread forms. 

AGU 2.0 features the latest improvements in metrology hardware, software and kinematics. New features include remote monitoring by any wireless device with a web browser, improved protective shielding, as well as increased linear resolution. This system is primarily used in the Oil Country Tubular Goods industry for inspection of casing and tubing connections.

We are committed to delivering total customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and superior service levels. Through a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, we have generated an outstanding service record, which means you can be assured all our high quality products will accurately meet your requirements.

Watch the video below for a demostration of the AGU 2.0 as well as an explanation of how we report our results through a customize user interface.