AGU Certification

AGUCSA33Autonetics is pleased to announce that our AGU 3.0 thread gauge for Oil Country Tubular Goods in the petroleum industry was recently awarded certification by CSA (Canadian Standards Association). CSA international is a member of the CSA group, a premier provider of product testing and certification. The CSA is recognized in the U.S., Canada and around the world by many government and code officials, regulatory and regulations bodies like the SEC and OSHA. 

The CSA Mark demonstrates to our end users that the product has been certified to applicable standards including standards written and administered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Underwriters Laboratory (UL), NSF International and other North American and global organizations.

Expansion of Autonetics Metrology Suite

okuma multus tools

The next evolution of Autonetics Metrology Suite (AMS) has arrived. AMS version 5.0 expands Autonetics gauging solutions with direct machine tool compensation technology. AMS 5.0 delivers performance and features befitting our flagship software. 5.0 keeps Autonetics gauges on the cutting edge of technological innovation by adding user-requested features developed for automated tool offset without the need for third party software. This latest offering combines our highly capable and proven metrology software with the ability to directly control tool offsets and hold tolerances of machined parts on our AGU 3.0 and SGU line of gauges.

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Advances in Micrometer Development

CCDAs a manufacturer of custom factory floor metrology systems we observed a need for a large format, high-speed, optical micrometer that is capable of accurately measuring large objects with an exceptional scan rate and a high degree of repeatability. In 2014 Autonetics started researching the feasibility of a new measurement system that could exceed the capabilities of conventential opitical micrometers avaliable in today's market. 

Our research throughout the third quarter of 2014 and into the first quarter 2015 has yielded a new measurement system with unique capabilities for high-speed non-contact inspection. Our research and development started with original designs for circuit boards, bi-telecentric optical systems, collimating lenses and the latest high intensity light sources.

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Autonomous Gauging Unit 2.0

Autonetics LLC is a provider of high quality thread gauging and inspection equipment. As a dynamic full service company, we provide a complete line of custom non contact profile applications and thread measuring systems for API, Premium, Machine and Custom thread forms. 

AGU 2.0 features the latest improvements in metrology hardware, software and kinematics. New features include remote monitoring by any wireless device with a web browser, improved protective shielding, as well as increased linear resolution. This system is primarily used in the Oil Country Tubular Goods industry for inspection of casing and tubing connections.

We are committed to delivering total customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and superior service levels. Through a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, we have generated an outstanding service record, which means you can be assured all our high quality products will accurately meet your requirements.

Watch the video below for a demostration of the AGU 2.0 as well as an explanation of how we report our results through a customize user interface.

Technology Showcase


IMTS2012 withDates

Autonetics will unveil its non-contact metrology breakthrough for Oil Country Tubular Goods at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS 2012) in booth N-6600 from September 10 to 15.  Show attendees will have the opportunity to observe the new Autonetics Gaging Unit (AGU), and speak with Autonetics about how this product will transform precision thread inspection.


Thank you for attending IMTS 2012!

The Autonetics team would like to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who participated at IMTS 2012. This year’s show was one of our best yet, and we want to express our appreciation to our partners, Motoman and AEC that helped make Autonetics product demonstration successful and our distributors Morris South, Hartwig Inc. and Ellison Technologies. We appreciate the attention and praise received from attendees concerning our non-contact thread gauging unit for tubular goods and request for information about Autonetics stand alone OD and thread gauging stations. 

More photos from this year’s show will be released soon, meantime any inquiries about this year’s show can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or see our brochure for the AGU-10.

 IMTS Point



AGU 2.0 Demonstration

Demo 2



Autonetics would like to thank AEC for their hospitality and providing custom material handling equipment for our December 2012 demonstration.  We especially appreciate the interest and enthusiasm from our special guests and attendees.  Autonetics looks forward to our next demonstration in 2013.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for dates and locations.



Autonetics Cary, NC Office

Autonetics is very proud to announce that we have opened a new facility in Cary, North Carolina. This will serve as the foundation for the next phase of our expansion for support and manufacture of Autonetics AGU and SGU product lines. This flexible facility, just 15 minutes from RDU International Airport, is in addition to our threading lab in Chapel Hill and our office in Raleigh, North Carolina.   The 235 James Jackson Avenue location will provide extra office space to accommodate new technical staff, an optical lab for application development and CNC milling capabilities aimed at assisting in prototyping / production.

The success that we are enjoying gives us great confidence for future expansion with depots in the South East and South Central U.S. to support the petroleum and manufacturing industries. 

New Facility

The In-House Advantage

inhouse outsourceAt Autonetics we bring together the right teams of engineers and technical experts under one roof to deliver complete automated metrology applications. Our goal is to provide targeted solutions to precisely meet our clients’ expectations. This involves a close-knit program of design, testing and manufacturing capabilities.

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TD Convention Center
Greenville, SC
October 22-24, 2017

As a developer of automated in-process part inspections for manufacturing, Autonetics regularly attends trade shows that showcase the latest CNC machines. Knowing the trends in the machining process is critically important in anticipating the opportunities and challenges with automating part inspections.

Autonetics attended SOUTH-TEC 2017 at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, South Carolina October 22-24. The trade show exhibit hall was sold out. The booths were very impressive and showed a significant financial commitment by the exhibitors to attract an audience. 

Below are images of several CNC machine tool distributors' booths at the SOUTH-TEC 2017 show in Greenville, SC.

Morris South SOUTH TEC 2017 booth Methods Machine Tools SOUTH TEC 2017 booth
Morris South - Booth #1309
Methods Machine Tools - Booth #2219
Okuma, Desktop Metal, Hardinge, Tsugami
Nakamura-Tome, Fanuc, 3D Systems, United Grinding, Yasda
SST Makino Murata SOUTH TEC 2017 booth2 Ellison SOUTH TEC 2017 booth2
Makino, Murata Machinery, Junker, Millutensil
Doosan Machine Tools
Yamazen SOUTH TEC 2017 booth   Mazak SOUTH TEC 2017 booth2
Yamazen - Booth #1209
Brother, Mitsubishi, Mitutoyo, Takisawa Machine Tools
 Flint Machine Tools SOUTH TEC 2017 booth2    Machinery Solutions SOUTH TEC 2017 booth
 Flint Machine Tools - Booth #709
 Machinery Solutions, Inc. - Booth #829
 Fryer Machines Systems, Grob Systems, Kitamura Machinery, Sodick
 Samsung Machine Tools, Matsuura Machinery, Milltronics
 Haas SOUTH TEC 2017 booth2    Quaser Booth SOUTH TEC 2017
 Haas Factory Outlet - Booth #1009
 Haas Automation
 Quaser Machine Tools

Based in Cary, North Carolina, Autonetics custom develops  non-contact laser measurement gauges built to operate in the most uncompromising machining environments. Every component that makes up the gauging hardware is vetted in industrial applications and has a proven track record. Autonetics customized measurement guages for nondestructive inspections can be safely installed at any step of the manufacturing process, are extremely reliable, and require little-to-no maintenance.