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Hol-mac Corporation

Hol macThe Hol-Mac Corporation required a unique solution for inspection of precision treads. Autonetics non-contact, turnkey application was utilized featuring fully automatic inspection of thread callouts, automated machine offsets and custom, graphic user interface.


Morris South / Okuma

okumaMorris South, Okuma and Autonetics share a vested interest and long term relationship in providing process and hardware improvements. Our development and installation of remote access and monitoring with keyless data entry for Eaton Corp. machining centers significantly enhanced productivity.

Highlands Diversified

controlpanel1Highlands Diversified Services, Inc. (HDS) contracted Autonetics for automated modular fixturing design consultation, process control and user interface software development along with construction of control hardware and integration. HDS is a manufacturing company serving the automotive, telecommunications and aerospace industries in Kentucky at their 83,000 sq.ft. facility.

Regal Beloit / Grove Gear

LP3A2496Grove Gear, a manufacturer of standard and custom gear drives for industrial and specialty applications approached Autonetics for a fully automated gauging system to service multiple CNC machines. Our application was designed to meet a number of requirements such as TIR, true positioning for keyways, diameters, angles and lengths between features. Autonetics SGU series gauge feeds real time data, 24 hours a day, for lights-out production.

John Deere

DeereIn the production of hydraulic workpieces, John Deere required a fully automated gauge to inspect 100% of production. Autonetics supplied applications capable of autonomous measurement of critical ODs and threaded connections  for hydraulic cylinder barrels. The robotically fed HD-SGU applications perform lights-out inspection and real time feedback for CNC offsets.